Let’s Have a Look at Common Track and Field Events

If you have just joined an athletics team or have children that want to start participating in different track events, then this is one guide that you are definitely going to want to read. Below we take a closer look at the different athletic events that you or your children can train in as well as the equipment that you will need to do so. Let’s get cracking.


Common Track Events

There are many events that are put in the track and field category, and these are what we are going to take a look at now.


Running can be split into three different categories and these are long-distance, mid-distance, and sprints. The latter can be either 100m, 200m, or 400m and are races that are all about power and speed. While you still need to have pretty decent cardio levels, especially for the 400m race, your main aim is to get through the distance as fast as you possibly can. A mid-distance race can be 800m or 1500m, which is two or four laps of the track. With this type of racing discipline, you need to have a sprinter’s speed and the aerobic capabilities of a long-distance runner. A long-distance race will be 3000m, 5000m, or 10000m, and anyone who wants to do well in such races need to have extraordinary stamina. If you get out of breath after a few hundred metres, you probably want to give long distance running a miss.


There are two common hurdling distances, and these are 100 and 400 metres. As you can probably guess from the name, this event is not just about running - you will be required to jump over hurdles as you make your way towards the finish line. If you knock over a hurdle, you will not find yourself disqualified from the race, but it will slow you down quite considerably, or could bring your race to a complete stop if you fall over. Not only will this be sore, but it will also be quite embarrassing as well.


There are many different track and field events that can fit into this category. For example, there is long jump where participants attempt to jump as far as they can. There is also the triple jump, which is where participants get three hops to then launch themselves as far as possible. If these do not take your fancy, then there is also the high jump which is where athletes try to propel themselves over a bar set at different heights without knocking it down. There is also the pole vault, which is where participants make use of a long pole to launch themselves over a high bar without knocking it down.



There are a number of throwing track and field events too, and they are mostly self-explanatory. With all of them, you are simply trying to throw an object as far as you possibly can. The event name gives you a huge clue as to what you will be attempting to throw. There is javelin, discuss, shot put, and hammer throw.

The Equipment That You Will Need

If you are beginning a new adventure in a track and field discipline, then you will have to go shopping for some track spikes. These are shoes with tiny spikes on their soles that give you extra grip on the track surface when you are competing in different track and field events. These are very important because nobody wants to lose a race or other event that they are competing in because they slipped. You should also ensure that you have comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movement. Take a trip to your local sports shop and have a chat with a staff member about the sport that you are looking to take up, and we are certain that they will help you find the equipment that is best for you.